Sotoportego del Banco Giro

I Margini Centrali (Sotoportego del Banco Giro) *
2002  Mixed Media
 in 14 x 16 x 1   

The "sotoportego" (covered colonade) in question is just behind the row of souvenir street vendors at the famous "Ponte Rialto."   There are a whole row of these warehouses where the street vendors would store their carts at night.  Kind of a decrepit place.  This past year, 2008, We found the whole area had been restored and was now a row of beautiful, upscale trattorias and osteria (wine bars).  Kind of nice.  However, crusty old subjects of my interest are gone.

"Margini Centrali" means on the "margins of the center."  The title was meant to describe how this "marginal" place, all run down, could coexist with the Ponte Rialto, one of the central points of Venice.